Women who cry quietly; a mothers turmoil

Where did he go?
He was here for so long this time.
I nearly forgot… It was so real…


As women how often do we really open our hearts to each other, without judgement?  How often do we as women take the risk to share the darkness that we sometimes encounter or even live with?  There are many many women who cry quietly, mother’s who live in turmoil, I’m certainly one of them and the beautiful woman who is a part of this collection is one of them too.  She and I are on separate journey’s, although perhaps similar in the dark thoughts that we don’t share.  What about you?  Do you cry quietly, do you live in turmoil?

This collection is about sharing the darkness of our thoughts, so that we can all say together that it is ok, it is normal for our mind to reach into that dark place of despair.  We decided to do this collection as a collaboration with the gifts that the three of us bring together.  Each image is an experience that has been real and true, the caption that comes with each image is from the woman in the images as she cathartically works through each experience. I am the photographer and we have another woman who is giving her help and insight on each shoot, working together in unity with different experiences.

As we embark on this journey our aim is to work through our own dark thoughts, but to also offer you a place to share your experiences, to know that as mothers who love deeply it is ok to share our experiences, that failure is a word that we are withdrawing from our mothering experiences.  That living with a child with extra special needs is often filled with bright light and loving laughter that brings much joy, but is also filled with dark thoughts and much turmoil. We know from experience that to move through our dark places we often need extra help and that in itself is a strength.

We welcome you to be a part of our experience and to know that when we gather together in love and light the darkness isn’t quite so dark.