My Story

Hello, and welcome to Beyond the Spectrum Photography.

Life is an amazing adventure, if we choose to look at it like that. Having adult children and watching them leave school and think about their careers vividly made me recall my own experience of leaving school (well, it was suggested I leave due to long moments of avoiding school to go to the beach) ….and trying to work out what I wanted to do with my life. Who on earth knows at sixteen what they want to do?

Because I like to do things differently, which is only something that I’ve come to be comfortable with later in life…..I only discovered my natural calling to careers after I lived a few adventures. Hitchhiking around North Queensland, painting fences in Airlie Beach, picking Tomatoes in Bowen were a far cry from working for the Minister for Health and Arts in Sydney but were all as valuable to my human development as going on to study Social Work at University or becoming a mother to four beautiful children. Really my point to all of this is that if we are open to the journey, we never know where it will lead us, and that the best way of living is in the moment….for it will pass by in a second… Carl Jung says “As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being”.

So here I sit, thinking on what to share with you about how you and I have come to be in this space right now…..cyber space where many worlds seem to be meeting and in particular for us, talking about photography!

I was teaching at James Cook University when I became pregnant with my third child. My plan was to write my PHD on Values and Ethics and bring up my three children and you know, live a life in the suburbs quietly……I’m literally having a giggle right now after writing that sentence!!! My reality is that I sit here as a single mother having left domestic violence, trying to bring up my two youngest children on my own, while continuing to learn all I can about Autism because my third child has brought us all to live life on the Autism Spectrum. I’m trying to wholeheartedly hang on to Jung’s quote !!!

Knowing something was different about my little fella, I started to photograph the lines that he used to make out of absolutely everything. I thought it would be a good way to adjust to his diagnosis and work through my grief. Instagram became my saviour. After a while I thought that perhaps I might be ok at taking photos and wanted to explore that further so I borrowed a camera. I knew that I couldn’t go back to the University and put in the hours that were needed to not only teach, but do my PHD, so I thought and thought about what I could do to fulfil my needs not only as a mother, but as an intelligent creative woman. I suggested to a friend that I could become a photographer. Her response although supportive was curbed with an edge of “there are a million out there you know. You have to be good to do that” .

Four years later… I am. I’m achieving far beyond my adventure into Instagram. I’ve achieved recognition and awards Nationally and Globally across different photographic genres. Yes indeed there may be many photographers out there……many hobbyists who make pocket money on the side. However, if you remove them from certified AIPP approved professionals that leaves more of us that put our energy and soul into our professional businesses. What makes me different from even those elite professionals, is just that ….me. There is only one of me, I’m a unique human being which makes my style unique in itself. So what I want to bring into my passion of photography is part of me. That part of me that has a personal attachment to my clients their experience of being a part of Beyond the Spectrum Photography and it’s continuing and growing success.

I’ve had a small time of withdrawal over the last year to renew my energy, recharge my newly formed family and bring healing to myself… many of us do in that “sole purpose of human existence” that Jung talks about…….and so I kindle my light with photography in the oft dark moments of turmoil, life, doubt, therapies, and changes that is our world with the spectrum, and grasp to Jung’s words, to ensure I am more than a mere being. All the while I do this in a village. A community of people who surround me with love, acceptance, patience and laughter. How does it get better than this?

Tanya xx